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Patrick Blye Wins the APAT WCOAP Main Event ($27,408)

February 09, 2021
Matthew Pitt

The APAT World Championship Of Amateur Poker (WCOAP) crowned its Main Event champion on February 8 and Patrick Blye is that champion. Blye walked away with $27,408 in prize money plus an APAT gold medal and commemorative WCOAP Main Event bracelet.
APAT WCOAP Main Event Final Table Results

1Patrick BlyeCanada$27,408

2Randy VermetteCanada$18,618

3Jamie O’ConnorUnited Kingdom$12,709

4Michael ErringtonUnited Kingdom$8,436

5Shane PollingtonUnited Kingdom$5,748

6Zachary LipelesAustria$4,390

7Jelmer De VisserNetherlands$3,406

8Stephen PrandstatterUnited Kingdom$2,706

9Julian SelingerMalta$2,116

Sander Totuli Wins First Open WCOAP Event; Wales Win Team Championship
The WCOAP Main Event drew in a crowd of 1,751 players to partypoker, each paying $109 for the chance to become the tournament’s champion. This field meant the $150,000 guaranteed prize pool was surpassed by $21,500, which is an incredible result for amateur poker.
Nobody at the final table walked away with less than $2,116 for the initial investment. Julian Selinger collected this sum when his 6.5 big blind shove with pocket deuces was called by Shane Pollington in the big blind with ace-ten. An ace on the river busted Selinger in ninth place.
Stephen Prandstatter was the next player to fall. He committed his last six big blinds with ace-king and ultimately lost to Blye’s pair of twos in the hole that flopped a full house courtesy of the flop falling all sixes.
Blye claimed another victim when he sent Jelmer De Visser to the showers in seventh place. De Visser’s ace-king couldn’t get there against the pocket nines of Blye.
Austria’s Zachary Lipeles fell in sixth place for a $4,390 score. Lipeles’ ace-deuce improved to a straight on the river, but the river also improved Michael Errington’s ace-seven to an unlikely higher straight. All the chips went into the middle and Lipeles busted.
APAT WCOAP Reaches Halfway Stage: Snee Bags Five-Figures
Pollington crashed out in fifth before Errington collected the final four-figure prize of the final table. Errington’s ace-ten proved no match for Jamie O’Connor’s dominating ace-jack and only three players remained in the hunt for the title of champion.
Everyone thought O’Connor would have eased his way to victory not only because he held more a massive lead but is also vastly experienced in much bigger events than a $109 Main Event. Nothing went O’Connor’s way while play was three-handed and he was the next player out of the door.
His final hand saw his ace-queen fail to get there against Blye’s pocket sevens and O’Connor had to make do with the $12,709 third-place finish.
That hand left Blye with a monster-sized chip lead of more than four-to-one. It didn’t take too long for Blye to get his hands on Randy Vermette’s stack. All the chips went into the middle of the table on the turn a nine-high board. Vermette held queen-nine for top pair but Blye turned two pair with his seven-six. The river bricked, Vermette busted, and Blye became the WCOAP Main Event champion.
2021 APAT WCOAP Winners

WCOAP #01 Team ChampionshipTeam Wales 

WCOAP #02 – 6-Max Knockout ChampionshipSander Totuli$10,110*

WCOAP #03 – Mix-Max ChampionshipRoman Matveichuk$4,489

WCOAP #04 – PLO8 Knockout ChampionshipRon Jr Marshalok$2,608*

WCOAP #05 – High Roller ChampionshipAdam Snee$13,850

WCOAP #06 – 7-Card Stud ChampionshipJoris De Baas$1,494

WCOAP #07 – PLO Knockout ChampionshipDan Owston$3,247*

WCOAP #08 – 6-Max ChampionshipJan Strazisar$5,252

WCOAP #09 – Knockout ChampionshipPaul Paelchen$6,973*

WCOAP #10 – PLO8 ChampionshipSebastian Posch$2,687

WCOAP #11 – Heads-Up ChampionshipRobyn Gale$3,375

WCOAP #12 – Super High Roller ChampionshipTenno Tonts$22,357

WCOAP #13 – PLO ChampionshipJarkko Suokas$2,386

WCOAP #14 – Turbo Knockout Championship – Tomas Lestina$6,195* 

WCOAP #15 – Turbo ChampionshipGeorgios Koufouros$5,696

WCOAP #16 – Main EventPatrick Blye$27,408

*includes bounty payments
APAT and partypoker Partnership Creates Superb Events
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