Polk Crosses $1M in Winnings Vs. Negreanu

Doug Polk Shares Thoughts Post-Challenge on Negreanu & High Stakes Poker

Sarah Herring is joined by Doug Polk a week after his Challenge with Daniel Negreanu concludes. He shares what he learned from the challenge, how he buried the hatchet with Negreanu, how he compiled his team, what was his side action, where he is going next and some general life advice. He answers questions from listeners as well like where he sees himself ranked in the current HUNL world and what a challenge between his current self and end boss WCGrider would look like.
[TimeStamps]02:00 | Daniel thinks he played terrible at the end. Doug thinks he was playing more optimal at the end. WHY?05:45 | Doug personal poker philosophy “Am I bluffing enough?”07:00 | Side Action and why it is so important to bet big on yourself11:20 I Was 4-1 accurate considering the long absence from poker? 14:15 | How did you Doug put together his “team” and how did he incentivize them? 21:30 I If current Doug played top-game WCGRIDER in a similar challenge what would the odds be? 24:45 | Where would Doug rank himself today in the HUNL world? 28:00 | Daniel made a comment regarding all the info about all the detailed preflop material making the game start post flop, What does Doug think? 31:45 | Thoughts on Daniel’s tanking35:30 | If Doug could go back, would he do the challenge again? 37:00 | What is next for Doug Polk? 40:15 | Get some Hand analysis for free from Upswing
Interviews referenced: DAT Poker Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32jLb-WkhMM
Doug Final Thoughts on Negreanu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuM3IsRxBEw&t=22s

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