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Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder declares: ‘This is only the beginning of greatness’

Sky Sports find the right notes to accompany the controversy at Wembley, while Deontay Wilder’s rift with Mark Breland is broadcast across the airwaves, writes George Gigney in his media review

IT WAS a bizarre night in Wembley when Josh Warrington was stopped in nine rounds by rank outsider Mauricio Lara, but it has to be said; the coverage was excellent.

The Sky Sports Boxing team often come under fine from fans for their broadcasts, but on Saturday they seemed spot on at almost every turn.

First and foremost, the main event. Adam Smith and Matthew Macklin on commentary were quick to pick up on Warrington’s stiffness early on in the bout and rightly raised the point that Josh hadn’t fought in well over a year and was not used to fighting in an empty arena.

After the tumultuous fourth round they also noted how referee Howard Foster – or Warrington’s corner – could have easily stopped the fight there and then. They also didn’t fail to recognise the successful work of Lara, who was bludgeoning Warrington with both hands. Such was the drama that during the sixth, Smith asked Macklin how he was scoring the bout, but didn’t get the sort of response he expected.

“I haven’t been,” Macklin said with a chuckle. Who could blame him? Here was an enormous underdog demolishing one of the best featherweights in the world.

Mark Robinson

After the conclusive finish in the ninth and once Warrington had risen to his feet under his own steam, Smith and Macklin reflected on what happened. Smith speculated there might have been weight issues for Warrington, while Macklin – likely closer to the truth – wondered if the problem was a mental one, a combination of a lack of motivation for this opponent and struggling without a roaring Leeds crowd.

On punditry, Johnny Nelson and Adam Booth both made it clear they felt the fight should have been stopped in the fourth, with Nelson even going so far as to say if it were Lara who had been dropped and hurt, Foster would have stepped in and ended it.

They were making hugely valid points and respect should be given for them airing their disagreement with the officials.

The pair did the same after the chief support, in which Zelfa Barret earned a questionable unanimous decision over Kiko Martinez. Booth made the point that he felt the right man won, but not by as much as the three judges scored it.

Promoter Eddie Hearn, to his credit, did not hold back when interviewed after the fight, labelling the two 118-111 cards as “disgusting.”

He said: “How are we going to bring foreign fighters to this country when they get absolutely zero credit for their performance? 118-111? He might as well not have bothered.”

He’s completely right. There was one, maybe two rounds in the fight and Martinez had a fair argument that he deserved to win. This isn’t just a case of fans taking to social media to berate the scoring of a fight; this is powerful and knowledgeable figures in boxing – and one, in Hearn, who in this instance actually benefits from the result given that he promotes Barrett – directly calling out the injustice.

In recent years, British boxing has had numerous accusations of home cooking levelled at it and judging like this will only add fuel to that fire. Attracting talent from overseas is essential for the sport, but the more they see scoring like this, the less chance there is of them making the trip. Like Hearn said, they might as well not bother. Something has to change.


The Daily Star – via Chris McKenna – reportedly gained insight into the extent of Warrington’s injuries after the fight. Thankfully, his brain scans were clear and he was able to return home. The report also claims Warrington suffered a fractured jaw, perforated eardrum and some form of shoulder injury.

If true, those facts only further highlight how much courage Warrington showed in battling until the end of the fight. The perforated eardrum in particular would also go some way to explaining why Warrington’s balance was so off after the fourth round.

The rather sad public spat between Deontay Wilder and his former trainer Mark Breland intensified this week as Breland doubled down on comments he’d made about his time with Wilder, and the former heavyweight champ responded (see YouTube below).

Breland released an extended statement, stating: “I haven’t spoke [sic] to Deontay alone in years. The things that I told Deontay to do had to be ran past Jay [Deas, Wilder’s head trainer].

“Deontay had become untrainable because he was at the point of, ‘he knows more about boxing than all of us.’”

It’s unfortunate that this is being dragged out so much now, and the more energy Wilder spends on this dispute, the less focus he’ll have on his eventual return to action. Breland has every right to give his side of the story after being unceremoniously fired.


“It’s like, where is it all coming from? Is it because of where I am in life and your career was short?… It’s all making sense now. He’s been envying me, he’s been jealous. Now all this s*** is truly coming out,” Wilder said to 78SPORTSTV.

“Oh, you wanna break your silence to the UK media, ‘Somebody else poured the water.’ Nah, you did that s***. This is the end of my career? Man, this is only the beginning of greatness. But for you, it is the end.”

In the same interview, Wilder referred to himself as a “king” and that people are expecting him to “lead” them, which probably gives you a good indication of where his head is currently at.

Hearn confirmed to IFL that Matchroom’s Fight Camp will return this summer, perhaps in a larger outdoor venue and with fights like Joseph Parker vs Dereck Chisora and Joshua Buatsi vs Callum Johnson as potential fights to be held there. That’s exciting news, especially when considered alongside the developing schedule Frank Warren is building for later this year.


ซอฟต์แวร์ Perforce เปิดเผยอนาคตของการพัฒนาเกมในรายงานฉบับใหม่
Daniel Dubois

Breland on Deontay Wilder: ‘His career is done now’

Mark Breland breaks his silence on the Deontay Wilder split, writes George Gigney in his weekly boxing media round-up

IN his first interview since being sacked by Deontay Wilder, trainer Mark Breland didn’t pull any punches when reflecting on his former charge and the state of the heavyweight division.

Last year, Wilder jettisoned Breland from his team in the wake of his punishing loss to Tyson Fury, before then going on to accuse Breland of spiking his water during the fight and “betraying” him for ultimately throwing in the towel.

Breaking his silence in an interview with The Fight is Right, the former Olympic gold medallist and two-time world champion said: “With Deontay and I, that’s a part of boxing I guess. His career is done now, so I’m done and he’s done. I’m done with him.

“One thing you all like to say is that, ‘He’s got a lot of power and that’s all.’ I wish him well and that’s it. Only got his power and we’ll see how far that takes him, that’s all I’m gonna say.”

When asked if he bought into the glove-tampering allegations Wilder made against Fury, Breland added: “I doubt it very much, I don’t know, I never seen nothing. But still at the same time – he’s not gonna beat Tyson Fury regardless.

“Jay Deas [Wilder’s head trainer] was standing right there when the man was getting his hands wrapped. If they put something in there, either Jay’s blind or..? Jay’s right there when he’s getting his hands wrapped and he didn’t say nothing. But to be honest, that’s how much [Deas] knows about boxing. Hell, [Fury] probably could’ve put a cast up in there and he wouldn’t have known!”

Elsewhere in the discussion Breland further criticised Wilder’s ability – in particular his jab – and predicted that Fury would have an easy night with Anthony Joshua should they fight.

Obviously, his comments could just be chalked up to sour grapes. That is, undoubtedly, how Wilder and his current team will see it. However, Breland is notoriously mild-mannered and enough time has passed to assume this isn’t a case of him lashing out.

If his remarks are taken seriously, they’re a damning inside view of Wilder and his team. They also aren’t criticisms that we haven’t heard elsewhere; that Deas is more of a yes-man than a trainer, and that Wilder lacks technical prowess. As to the point of Wilder’s career being “done” – well, that remains to be seen, but he certainly has significant hurdles to overcome if he wants to return to the top.

Carl Froch is no stranger to having former opponents appear on his podcast, Froch on Fighting, but this past week he was joined by an unexpected foe; George Groves. The pair shared a bitter rivalry over two fights but, in retirement, the bad blood seems to have abated on both sides.

It’s a fun episode, with plenty of friendly digs and interesting insight into their fights, proving once again that the format of ex-fighters chatting to people they shared the ring with is a fruitful one. So Carl, when can we expect the Andre Ward episode?


In the aftermath of his first professional defeat – a stoppage loss to Joe Joyce, in which he suffered a nasty eye injury – Daniel Dubois’ future was in question. Now, it appears to be taking shape.

The young heavyweight released a few videos on social media stating his intent to get back on track. This was followed by a report from MailSport, claiming that Dubois will now be trained by Mark Tibbs, with Martin Bowers – who has trained him until this point – moving into a managerial position. The report also claims Dubois has been told by doctors that he can return to action in April.

Should the news of a change in trainer be true, it would seem somewhat alarming on its surface. Dubois is still very young, and to change trainer after one loss could be construed as a rash decision, particularly when you consider the close relationship he had with Bowers. However, it seems that if Dubois does make a shift, Bowers will remain in the team. That’s a positive sign; Bowers has an excellent boxing brain and, crucially, knows Dubois very well. Tibbs, of course, is an esteemed trainer himself and can help add new facets to Dubois’ game.

After last week’s rambling in this column about how ESPN was doing a disservice to the sport by glorifying boxing YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul, this week Sky Sports and Yahoo Sports also got in on the fun. Both outlets ran columns on how the two brothers are somehow helping the sport by dragging it through the mud. Baffling.

It now also seems that the Josh Taylor-Jose Ramirez super-lightweight unification fight will indeed move from its proposed May 8 date, despite promoter Bob Arum insisting it wouldn’t. Mike Coppinger of The Athletic revealed that the bout is now likely to take place on May 22 so as to not clash with Canelo Alvarez’s mooted meeting with Billy Joe Saunders. A sensible move.

Ramla Ali, the first female Somali to ever box professionally, continues to make significant waves in mainstream media. This week she was interviewed by Vogue discussing not just her boxing but also her campaigns for issues such as healthy representations of body image for young girls.

As a professional model herself, Ali speaks from an informed position and is actively trying to do good with her profile. Her future in fighting is exciting; should she continue to be successful after her pro debut last year, she could have a large impact on the profile of women’s boxing.


ซอฟต์แวร์ Perforce เปิดเผยอนาคตของการพัฒนาเกมในรายงานฉบับใหม่
Deontay Wilder

10 นักสู้ที่ดีที่สุดสำหรับพ็อด

นักสู้เหล่านี้จะเหมาะสมกับใบเรียกเก็บเงินสำหรับเหมืองถ่านหินรุ่นใหม่ที่เสนอโดย WBC ที่ 200-224 ปอนด์ OLEKSANDR USYKAs อดีตทหารเรือเฟอร์รี่ที่ไม่มีปัญหาของ Usyk ไม่ต้องสงสัยเลย แต่ก็ยังคงต้องรอดูว่าเขาจะใหญ่พอที่จะชนะหรือไม่ เขาถูกสร้างมาเพื่อวัดความแข็งแกร่ง EONTAY WILDER ด้วยชัยชนะ 41 นัดจาก 42 นัดในระยะยาวลองนึกภาพความพ่ายแพ้ของอดีตแชมป์ WBC D ill ມາດ 22 ຕໍ່າຕໍ່າ ast ast ast ast ttt IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN ET ET ttt AL AL ​​tttt AL t AL AL ​​t AL t AL tt AL ttt AL t อัตราต่อรองของเขาสำหรับการต่อสู้ครั้งนี้คือ 224lbs ซึ่งเป็นขีด จำกัด ของขีด จำกัด bridgerweight MICHAEL HUNTERS ลอยขึ้นไปบนพ็อดหลังจากที่ชื่อเรือลาดตระเวน WBO ที่ไม่ประสบความสำเร็จมีอคติกับ Usyk ในปี 2017 น้ำหนักการต่อสู้เฉลี่ยของ Hunter สูงถึง 220l เขาโชคไม่ดีที่จับฉลากได้เฉพาะกับ Povetkin ในปี 2019 MAIRIS BRIEDISBriedis พิสูจน์สถานะของเขาในฐานะทหารเรือที่ดีที่สุดของโลกด้วยการเอาชนะ Yuniel Dorticos ใน Super Series ในเดือนกันยายน KO คว้าแชมป์โลก 3 สมัยมานูเอลชาร์ในการแข่งขันจี้ปี 2015 Gassiev ผู้ชนะคนก่อนหน้าของ MURAT GASSIEVA กระโดดออกจากกลุ่มหลังจากพ่ายแพ้ให้กับ Usyk ในรอบรองชนะเลิศ WBSS 2018 เขาชนะการแข่งขันอย่างเป็นทางการในเวลาเพียง 90 วินาทีในเดือนตุลาคม FILIP HRGOVIC มีแนวโน้มว่าจะมีน้ำหนักสีแดงมากกว่า 240 ปอนด์เป็นเวลา 3 ครั้ง แต่เขาได้เพิ่ม 225 ปอนด์เมื่อเร็ว ๆ นี้ในปี 2019 ดังนั้นการทำให้น้ำหนักเบาไม่ใช่ปัญหาสำหรับเขา HUGHIE FURYFury เมื่อสองปีก่อน มีน้ำหนักมากกว่าขีด จำกัด แต่เฉพาะในปี 2019 เท่านั้นเรื่องที่ท้าทายของ WBO รุ่นนี้คือ 4 224lbs pod เมื่อสูญเสีย Povetkin BRYANT JENNINGS หาก Jennings จำเป็นต้องลบฝักเฉพาะ น้ำหนักที่เหมาะสมที่สุดคือ 224 ปอนด์ การปรากฏตัวครั้งที่สองของนักแสดงชื่อดังระดับโลก Wladimir Klitschko ได้แสดงในอาชีพที่เหลือของเขา การเป็นตัวแทนของ YUNIEL DORTICOSDorticos ในการแข่งขันเรือโลกสิ้นสุดลงโดย Briedis ในเดือนกันยายน แต่ด้วยอำนาจการลงโทษของเขา “The KO Doctor” จะมีความสุขกับโอกาสที่จะสร้างผลกระทบใน Bridgerweight