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2021 vikings coaching staff

Did the Vikings Do the Right Thing with Klimt Kubiak Hire?

It is cliché now because of widespread mention, but the Minnesota Vikings will have their sixth offensive coordinator in eight seasons when the team kicks off this September.

On Monday, the Vikings made the oft-predicted promotion of Klint Kubiak official at offensive coordinator. Klint, 33, is the son of Gary Kubiak who retired at the end of the 2020 season. Father Gary propelled the Vikings to the league’s fourth-best offense via yards gained and 11th-most prolific with points scored. He also seized a Super Bowl ring as head coach in 2015 when the Denver Broncos and a red-hot defense toppled the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 by a score of 24-10.

All eyes turn to son-Kubiak as Minnesota’s offense has constantly endured a state of flux since 2016. Norv Turner mysteriously retired in 2016. He was replaced by Pat Shurmur – who led the offense to the 2017 NFC Championship. Then, Shurmur was plucked for a head coaching gig with the New York Giants. Minnesota turned to John DeFilippo, a coach that experienced an abbreviated tenure when Mike Zimmer terminated him in 2018. After that, a Klint Kubiak-like choice was made with the elevation of Kevin Stefanski. Both men were internal, homegrown brains. Stefanski left in 2020 to be the skipper for the Cleveland Browns. It worked out. Stefanski was the NFL’s Coach of the Year in 2020.

These events caused Zimmer to call on Father Gary for the job last year. Now, it is time for the Klint to get the audition. 

With what Zimmer seeks to accomplish inside the Vikings offense, Klint Kubiak is the right choice for the enterprise at the moment.

Kubiak Adds Youth

The craze of late by NFL general managers and fans is to find a young, offensive-minded coach to funnel points into box scores. For head coaching circumstances, the process is implemented with frequency. The national dialogue applauds those that have worked out – Sean McVay, Matt LaFleur, and Kyle Shanahan. On the hires in this vein that do not – Adam Gase or Freddie Kitchens, for example – well, nobody cares.

Although Minnesota’s offense kept the franchise afloat in 2020, the play-calling was criticized as vanilla in spots. Other franchises utilize more motion than the Vikings, so Minnesota’s fourth-ranked yards production must be fool’s good, right? Something like that.

Klint Kubiak, at age 33, brings youth to the offense – at least with a birth certificate. A verdict on youth-infused play-calling will be rendered this autumn. For now, though, the Vikings have another Kubiak in-house. And he just so happens to be about the same age as quarterback Kirk Cousins.

The youth movement, if only for an offseason – wins.

Zimmer Gets His Continuity 

When the Vikings failed to reach the postseason, Zimmer capped the 2020 season by praising the offense and lambasting his own defense – an oddity for the 64-year-old as his commentaries are generally the inverse.

Zimmer explicitly called for offensive continuity immediately after Father Gary called it quits. There is no better option anywhere on the planet to actionize this desire than son-Klint. Genetically, he is not the same human. But of all the other humans out there in the mix for offensive coordinator jobs, Klint is obviously the closest heritable brain available to that of his father. 

Perhaps Vikings enthusiasts are a bit too far ahead of themselves in professing that the Kubiaks will run identical offenses. Yet the promotion of Klint ensures that the Vikings offense will be somewhat similar to the brand on display in 2020. And that’s what Zimmer craves. 

Ideally, Klint will blend some youthful flair and creativity with his father’s battle-tested playbook. That’s the utopian scenario. Remain a Top 5 offensive group while modernizing and taking an accelerated amount of deep shots to wide receivers, Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson.

One can dream.  

Inheritance of Talented, Productive Group

Indeed, Klint must do a lot more than “not messing it up.” His last name alone will assuredly not guarantee the success his father generated in 2020. 

But Klint has dynamic pieces to work with — much like Father Gary. Dalvin Cook is the second-best running back in the league behind Derrick Henry. On several Sundays, Cook is the best in the world.

He inherits a scorching-hot commodity in the 21-year-old Justin Jefferson. Captain Reliable, Adam Thielen, will return for his eighth NFL campaign. The Vikings will employ Irv Smith Jr. and probably Tyler Conklin at tight end. Smith Jr. is on the cusp of a breakout season. He can find that within Klint’s offense.

Finally, Kirk Cousins will take the reins of an offense in his seventh season as a starter. If Cousins plans to lead a team to a Super Bowl, the time is nearing. Quarterbacks do not typically “wait” until their late-30s to begin winning championships, unless their name is ‘John Elway’ (and Elway lost a couple before he started winning them).

Klint Kubiak will control an offense for a team that is in win-now mode. His youth and continuity-driven philosophy make him the correct man for the task. It just makes sense. 

If he performs astutely, he will likely be given a head coach job in Minnesota or elsewhere in the next few years. Sound familiar?

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gary kubiak

Vikings Officially Hire Klint Kubiak as Offensive Coordinator

In news that should surprise no one after Justin Jefferson’s comments last week, the Vikings have officially hired Klint Kubiak to succeed his father, Gary, as offensive coordinator. The 33-year-old has been a fan favorite around the PurpleTerritory water cooler, being dubbed the nickname Lil’ Kub by Kyle Joudry. He was the Vikings’ quarterbacks coach for the past two seasons, and his promotion was always what made the most sense for the Vikings. 
Mike Zimmer has been preaching that he wants continuity going into 2021. It makes sense. Continuity is a key component to chemistry on and off the field. With Gary Kubiak retiring, that wasn’t truly possible for their OC. However, the Vikings got about as close to it as they possibly could by hiring the heir, Lil’ Kub. 

The senior Kubiak led the Vikings to the fourth best offense in terms of total yards and eleventh in scoring during 2020. With most of the key pieces set to return in 2021, and hopefully an improved o-line, it looks like Zimmer is getting as close as he can to his continuity wish. 
Other Candidates
Last week, the Vikings interviewed Tyke Tolbert for the OC position. Tolbert has never held an offensive coordinator position, but he has a long history as a wide receivers coach. He has held stints primarily with the Bills (2004-09), Broncos (2011-17), and Giants (2018-present). 

He also coached Anquan Boldin during his (at the time) record-setting rookie year in 2003. Other notable young receivers on his repertoire include Lee Evans, Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Odell Beckham Jr. It would have been interesting to see what he could bring out of Justin Jefferson in 2021. 
Rumors (then again it may have just been blind hope) had also begun to swirl around the Chiefs current OC, Eric Bienemy, after he somehow didn’t end up with a head coaching job. Don’t let last night’s Super Bowl fool you, Bienemy’s offense has been historically great in Kansas City. The only knock on him could be that Andy Reid has famously been a mastermind on that end of the ball, so Bienemy can’t take all the credit. 

With that great of a team and a situation where he seems next in line for the Chiefs’ head coaching job (Reid will be 63 next season), it was hard to imagine him leaving. The only argument that really could be made is that he would have much more say in the Vikings’ offense than he would in KC. That said, I probably wouldn’t have left Patrick Mahomes, either. 
Closing Thoughts
Personally, I am very excited to see what Lil’ Kub can do next year. His father has a reputation as one of the best in the league at building offenses. While a hiring like Bienemy would have been incredible, that never really felt feasible to me. There were just too many reasons to stay in Kansas City if he was only going to be the OC instead of head coach. Tolbert would have been interesting as well with his ability to coach young receivers. However, he’s never had an offensive coordinator job. While Kubiak hasn’t either, he’s at least had one of the best offensive minds around him his entire life. It’s a very unique situation going directly from father to son on the coaching staff, and I expect the young gun to be eager to prove himself this year.


ซอฟต์แวร์ Perforce เปิดเผยอนาคตของการพัฒนาเกมในรายงานฉบับใหม่
Alabama crimson tide

Vikings Get in Bed with Alabama Crimson Tide

The Minnesota Vikings hired University of Alabama’s cornerback coach Karl Scott on Saturday.
Scott replaces Daronte Jones, Minnesota’s 2020 cornerback coach, who departed to Louisiana State University in January to become the team’s defensive coordinator. SEC minglings are parallels are tangible with these dealings.

The news hits as the Vikings are entangled in trade rumors with the team’s quarterback, Kirk Cousins. Monetary decisions are also afoot on players like Kyle Rudolph, Anthony Harris, and Riley Reiff. Those men command lofty price tags, and it is virtually assured that all three players will not return to the 2021 team with 2020-like cap hits.
The hire of Scott is receiving gleeful initial reviews as the mentality of hiring anything from the University of Alabama is invigorating. The Crimson Tide half won half of National Championships during the last decade. Most recently, Alabama crushed the Ohio State Buckeyes in January by a score of 52-24.
Development of Trevon Diggs and Patrick Surtain

Scott, a Houston native, is credited with the development of astute NFL talent. Trevon Diggs joined the Alabama program in 2016 and played four seasons with the school. He tallied four interceptions in college, one National Champions (2018), and First-Team All-SEC honors in 2019.
Diggs was paired with Scott with for two seasons, 2018 and 2019. The Dallas Cowboys selected Diggs in the 2nd Round of the 2020 NFL Draft with the 51st overall pick. During his rookie season, Diggs grabbed three interceptions in 12 games on his way to a 62.7 Pro Football Focus grade – third-best among rookie cornerbacks behind L’Jarius Sneed and the Vikings Cameron Dantzler.

On the potential docket for the NFL draft this April is Alabama’s Patrick Surtain II. Scott and Surtain were intertwined for three seasons with the Crimson Tide, and Surtain’s draft stock is high. Sprinkle in Vikings skipper Mike Zimmer’s zeal for drafting cornerbacks, and Minnesotans may have breadcrumbs into general manager Rick Spielman’s 1st-Round vision for the upcoming draft.
A Dantzler-Gladney-Hughes Combo to Mold
With the Vikings, Scott inherits respectable assets to develop. Minnesota spent high-round draft capital in 2020 on Jeff Gladney and Cameron Dantzler in 2020. Gladney was a late 1st-Round selection from Texas Christian University that Minnesota found with its organic, non-Buffalo pick last April. He showed a knack for tackling and run-stopping during his rookie campaign with areas of improvement evident with pass coverage. But that is often the way with rookie defenders.

Dantzler was a better coverage corner than his Vikings counterpart. He ranked as the NFL’s second-best rookie cornerback per PFF. Only Kansas City Chiefs corner L’Jarius Sneed scored better than Dantzler in 2020 among rookie cornerbacks. Dantzler showed hints of a mini-shutdown corner in his first season.
On Mike Hughes, his career trajectory remains mysterious. When he plays, he’s rather effective. But injuries have riddled his first three seasons. Hughes has played in 24 of 48 eligiblegames since he entered the NFL – 50%.
Scott’s task is to revolutionize this threesome into a Zimmer standard of proficiency, which is generally a demanding goal. And, the Vikings passing defense is desperately in need for attention.
A Secondary in Need of Repair
Uncharacteristically, Minnesota secondary was poor in 2020. The team allowed Xavier Rhodes, Trae Waynes, Mackensie Alexander, Jayron Kearse, and Andrew Sendejo to bolt during the 2020 offseason for other destinations. The disappearing act was felt on the field.
Minnesota allowed 258.8 passing yards per game in 2020 – a 24th-ranked mark. Two seasons prior, 2018, the Vikings were the NFL’s third-best bunch with this metric (196.2 passing yards per game allowed).
Scott is charged with returning the cornerback sect of the secondary to Zimmer’s usual supremacy. He, of course, will not do it alone as Zimmer is notorious for hands-on involvement in the team’s defensive, well – everything. By trade, Zimmer is a cornerbacks-first coach. Zimmer coached cornerbacks for the Dallas Cowboys for five full seasons in the 1990s.


แฟนของ Hollie Doyle: Tom Marquand คือใครและพวกเขาพบกันได้อย่างไร?
2021 vikings coaching staff

Vikings Hire Karl Scott as Defensive Backs Coach

On Saturday morning, it was announced that the Minnesota Vikings are hiring Alabama’s former cornerbacks coach, Karl Scott, as their defensive backs coach for the 2021 season. The standout coach was also connected to the University of Maryland’s defensive coordinator position. He has groomed pros including Trevon Diggs and this year’s standout prospect Patrick Surtain II, and he goes into the Vikings organization with considerable success at the collegiate level. 

Scott coached at Alabama for three years, from 2018-2020. He went into the job with the task of rebuilding the 2017 National Championship-winning secondary that had five players go pro. In that first year, the Crimson Tide allowed just 22 passing touchdowns while intercepting 15 passes. 

This most recent 2020 defense, which also won a national title, allowed just 19.4 points per game. The team ranked 13th in the nation. Opponents also completed just 58.3% of their passes against his defense this year. 

Scott has been coaching at the collegiate level since 2012. He has held jobs including defensive coordinator at Southeastern Louisiana, safeties coach at Louisiana Tech, and defensive coordinator at the University of Louisiana. 

This hire is huge for a Vikings defense that ranked 27th in total defense, allowing 393.3 yards per game, and 29th in scoring, allowing 29.7 points per game. Details of Scott’s contract have not been released yet.

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